Lumbercorp provides a number of different timber preservation treatments to suit the varied needs of our clients. These include:


Lifewood® CCA Preservative System

The Lifewood® CCA preservative is one of the most effective wood preservatives available on the market today. It is a waterborne, Chromated Copper Arsenate preservative system that provides long-term protection to wood exposed in exterior applications. CCA is an effective fungicide and termiticide providing protection against a broad spectrum of decay fungi & wood boring insects.

NatureWood® ACQ® Preservative System

The NatureWood® ACQ® preservative is a waterborne Alkaline Copper Quaternary preservative system that provides long-term protection to wood exposed in exterior applications. The ACQ NatureWood system is applied using a vacuum pressure treatment cycle and is based on Copper and a quaternary ammonium compound which together are effective fungicides and termiticides.

Protim® Optimum Preservative System

Protim® Optimum is an organic solvent based formulation designed to provide protection for wood products used in external situations above ground – Hazard level 3.1. The formulation contains a combination of propiconazole and tebuconazole for protection against fungal decay and permethrin to protect the timber against termites and other wood boring insects.

Liquid Boron Preservative System

Liquid Boron is a water-based timber preservative intended for the treatment of timber for interior uses such as wall framing, floor joists, rafters, panelling and flooring. Wood treated with Liquid Boron should not be used in weather exposed situations, unless protected from leaching by a well-maintained paint system. Liquid Boron provides protection against insect attack and decay when used at the recommended retentions, out of ground contact and protected from moisture by roof, walls or paint.


Osmose FramePro is an effective boron based timber preservative intended to provide resistance to fungal decay and insect attack in protected, above ground interior situations such as wall framing, as described in NZS3640 for Hazard Class H1.2, and when protected by a well maintained paint system for use in Hazard Class H3.1 applications. The unique formulation of FramePro works in conjunction with the AquaLite® treatment process to deliver extremely low liquid uptakes while meeting all penetration requirements. The benefit of this is to minimise moisture content increases and wood swelling when compared to traditional treatment methods, and to avoid the need to re-dry before sale.